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Multuthreshold decoders

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      Welcome to the site dedicated a method of noiseproof code decoding, which one is called multithreshold decoding (МTD). The prototype of МTD is the customary threshold (majority) decoder. Our MTD algorithm provides practically optimum decoding of lengthy codes at linear complexity of implementation with growth of code length even at a rather high level of a channel noise. The code may be both block, and convolutional. Earlier optimum decoder should be actually with total search, that requires exponential growth of decoding complexity with increase of code length.

      Now МTD is approximately in 100 times simpler on number of operations compared with most effective turbo codes. There advantages are even more large at hardware realization.

      At our site you may find the articles and presentations describing properties and capabilities МTD in Russian and English. In addition you can copy in your computer and then see a little movie. It demonstrates in a very pictorial form principles of MTD working in a channel with a large noise. It is submitted in two versions: for the MS-DOS and Windows. Do not forget at first to read the user guide (pdf-format) for this demo program, though it is a very simple on control and absolutely clear for each specialist familiar with the theory and methods of noiseproof coding.

      We suggest software versions of "The Simulators of digital satellite channels", keeping also best known coding methods. "The Simulator" is detailed written on educational page of our site, where its demoversion is submitted also.

      Write to us about everything connected with the coding theory. Send your stuffs and publications about decoding algorithms. We shall place your articles on our site.

      We wait for your recalls about a new simple method of code decoding near channel capacity.

      We invite you to cooperation.